To Live...

Will be an awfully big adventure.

November 15th, 2007

Boys boys boys @ 05:22 am

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: Irish Jigs- Drunken Sailor

Okay, I'm feeling B. right? Well Andy calls me up and confesses his undying crush on me. Um ok.... I have my first kiss with B. This shit had some Jr. High innocence attached to it. There was nothing dirty or lustful about it. And then what do ya know Tommy calls the next day acting like we're still going out. That fool has to be crazy if he thinks we're still going out. He said he had a lot of explaining to do but he wanted to do it in person. So I'll have to wait till next week to hear what he has to say plus break up with him officially. Then up pops my Ex telling me he wishes we could all be together and whatnot but that he's glad I've started dating again b/c it helps him let go.

Throughout all of this I've been so doped up on pain medication b/c my flu is cause my teeth to hurt like a bitch. I'm so out of it right now I'm falling asleep while walking...

Which reminds me I almost killed 3/4s of my family driving to and from Huntsville b/c I couldn't stay awake for shit. I tried pinching myself, biting, grooving to music. Nothing worked except running off the road every now and then. I hate it when that happens..


November 9th, 2007

(no subject) @ 10:07 am

Current Mood: crappy
Current Music: Blink 182- Letters to Elise

Quick update:

Sick as a hobo

Haunted by a restless spirit

Going to see Quiet Drive with Leah and some other people

Brian is pretty much the only person I hang out with right now

Bought the playstation from my bro so he could buy an xbox 360

My grandmother is mad at me for not visiting on Halloween so she wouldn't let me drive her home..


October 31st, 2007

Current Events @ 09:47 am

Current Mood: content
Current Music: April March- Chick Habit

I've been losing weight lately without even doing anything so of course my parents think I have AIDS. It wouldn't hurt to get tested for precautionary sake but I'm pretty sure I'm clean.

Been talking to Brian more and more and last night he came over and carved pumpkins with me. His was emaculate. I've never seen such a clean pumpkin. Of course it was just a traditional face while mine on the other hand was John Lennon. While it wasn't the best job I believe it resembles his Likness.

I went to a party the other night with Brandon and Honey and Her and I were the only ones there who weren't dressed as slut which I was glad to see. That only made us stand out all the more. We walked to their house for a moment before returning to the party and by the time we had gotten back a fight had broken out and there was blood everywhere. We pretty much ignored the commotion though and continued to enjoy ourselves. Honey ended up getting sick so I just talked to Brandon until it was time to go home. He said something odd to me in a text message after he left. "You're beautiful." Why would a married man be saying that to another girl. I don't know it made me feel a little awkward b/c I really value both Honey and Brandon's friendship and I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.

Well tonight is Halloween and Heidi and I are going as Little Miss Muffet and the spider. We'll be trick or treating with Brian and Leah and hopefully we'll be able to stop by my grandmother's house to trick or treat from her b/c all the kids on the block avoid her house. "Mean ol lady down the street" rep...



Oh. p.s some guy at the courthouse nick named me Woodstock b/c of my ripped jeans and whatnot and we got in a big discussion about the 60s. I was there to renew my license btw...

September 25th, 2007

Hostage @ 11:09 am

Current Mood: freaked out
Current Music: Rob Zombie- Dragula

Okay so last wednesday I left home for South Carolina to visit my good friend Tommy and see him graduate from basic training. I was only supposed to be gone 5 days but things soon took a turn for the worst. Jennifer "suddenly" came down with "food poisoning" and refused to drive costing me two days of work which I desperatly needed to afford Heidi's birthday cake. As of this moment it is day seven and I am typing on the hotel computer. I am being held hostage someone save me from this hypochondriac nut job!

September 4th, 2007

Bad karma @ 09:47 pm

Current Mood: content
Current Music: AC- You've got cancer

I totally feel like I have bad karma lately. Heidi scratched the fuck outta my eye and I had to go to the er for it. They gave me some pills that put me in a 2 day coma and after that it took me awhile to be able to open my eye. I'm almost completly better now. Just a little blurry...

I have a new job in the bakery dept. at Southern Family Market woo hoo...

Saw Chris Morrison's baby tonight. I can't believe Heidi use to be that small. A lot of people that havn't seen me since highschool are all like "didn't you have a baby?" well duh I wasn't pregnant wasn't I?

Oh Michelle bought me an eye patch and a white marker to draw cross bones on it with for my eye. How sweet!


btw my dad told me he thinks I have AIDs and my mom agrees b/c I've been losing a lot of weight and sleeping a lot and b/c of my promiscuous (sp) behavior...

August 4th, 2007

(no subject) @ 05:07 pm

Current Mood: blah
Current Music: Malvina Reynolds- Little Boxes

I caused a three car collison the other day. Needless to say I was hysterical over the whole thing. My car is pretty much totaled, which in a way is a good thing b/c that gets me out of the car payment b/c that ridiculous bill was killing me. I'm lucky that I escaped with only a friction burn from the airbag and a few bruises. I'm also very glad that Heidi wasn't in the car with me.


July 30th, 2007

The Art Life @ 08:15 pm

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Current Music: Buffalo Springfield- For What it's Worth

Still going through my big art kick obsessing over one thing after another. First is was painting, then weaving, paper mache, crotcheting, sewing, and now I'm on clay. I need to get back to painting though b/c I have a very nearly finished painting that I havn't been able to bring myself to complete.

Oh wow I love Peter Max. I never thought about who did the art for Yellow Submarine until just the other day and I decided to look it up. It has a very Andy Warholish feel about it.

I use to think that all I needed in life was a job that would pay enough to cover the bills and still have a little fun and a cozy apartment. Now that I have Heidi though, I've been inspired to reach for so much more. I want to be the first one among my friends to own their own home and of course I need a job that can afford me that. Thats why I first looked to the military but with recent drama concerning Anthony plus a serious interest in cosmetology I think I might hold off on that for a bit and just see what happens. Then again if I go into the military I won't have to pay for cosmetology school b/c fuck 14,000 is a lot to pay back...

Decisions, decisions....


July 9th, 2007

Movies @ 07:48 am

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: Burl Ives- Ugly Bug Ball

I went to the drive in last night and saw Transformers which fucking rocked, and 1408 which was just so so. I'm gonna go back sometime to watch Evan Almighty and Live Free Die Hard b/c that movie looks like it kicks ass.

Tommy leaves for basic Wednesday so I think I might go see him. As for Tim, I still havn't seen him but I'm not worried about it. Whatever happens happens and if we don't get to hang then oh well.


July 7th, 2007

Hiking @ 11:21 pm

Current Mood: content

I had a glorious day hiking today. 3 hours of nothing but me and the woods.. I actually went so far and switched paths so many times I got lost and ended up walking to the golf course and calling Leah to come pick me up which was really nice of her to do. The entire time I was taking videos of myself talking about nature and whatnot in a Steve Erwin accent. I blame that all on delerium... I loved it though and I'm going back tomorrow though this time I won't be alone which I suppose is a good idea b/c apparently hiking by yourself is a bad one. Go figure...


July 5th, 2007

My Art at the Cool Store @ 09:36 pm

Current Mood: content
Current Music: Patti Smith- Gloria

Patti offered to sell my art at the Cool Store today so now I have to get in gear to get that together and take it to her. The new Cool Store isn't as cool as the old one but I'll live haha.

So many plans tonight. Gonna chill at Leahs, Bring food to Dickie and Autumn b/c I promised Dickie shrimp fried rice before the week was out. Then I might catch some time with Tim M while he's visiting.

Oh and I might be going to Warped Tour if I can get up the dough for it. Awesome I'm looking forward to that...


June 30th, 2007

Pedophile @ 10:33 pm

Current Mood: curious
Current Music: Otis Redding- Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

I got pulled over tonight for going 40 in a 25 but I only got a warning.. Thats the luckiest damn thing thats happened to me in awhile...

Oh and I'm officially a pedophile b/c I fell in love with a girl who couldn't be more that 13 but God she was beautiful. Short boyish curls and emerald blue eyes... I hope someday I will see her again when shes 18...

I could write poems about her and I only saw her for maybe two minutes...


Last Night @ 01:53 pm

Current Mood: blah
Current Music: Jefferson Starship- We Built This City on Rock and Roll

After work I decided to stop by Waffle House since Autumn wasn't home yet and just so happened to get there right before Andy got off work. So we ended up going to Walmart to pick up a few things and crossed paths with Dickie who was grocery shopping. I took it upon myself to help him out and now I am the reason he has potatos and burgers.

He tried to buy the beer shaped fridge that wasn't even for sale it was a contest prize but it was funny watching him try...

Then we went back to Waffle House and hung out a bit before I went home b/c I realized I had cold food in my car haha.


June 22nd, 2007

Studio @ 08:40 pm

Current Mood: creative
Current Music: Janis Joplin- Roller Skates

I'm cleaning up the shed behind the house to make it my own personel art studio. I've already started working on it and I plan on making it pretty cool. Half of it will always be a mess though b/c I don't have the super human strength thats normally called for when moving a car but I plan on blocking that off.. I'm excited about it. I have high hopes for this.


June 21st, 2007

Art and Love @ 05:29 pm

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Alison Moyet- Windmills of You Mind

Well I gave the painting to Caitlin and shes giving me 20 dollars for it. I would have given it to her for free but I really need the money.

I'm working on making it a whole series but its slow going.. Especially when I'm working on so many other projects. I'm weaving a picture of Betty Page, paper maching a Mexican skeleton, etc... But I'm happy...

I also like this guy Phillip who lives in Huntsville. I don't know him that well but from what I know about him he's a pretty good guy and I think that I might actually see myself in a relationship with him..

I don't know lately though if I'm actually anti love or if thats just my way of shielding myself from getting hurt...


June 17th, 2007

Artist Sale @ 10:29 pm

Current Mood: nauseated
Current Music: Gary Jules- Mad World

Yesterday I finally managed to make it to the Art Sale at the Flying Monkey. I immediatly fell in love! I was inspired to paint that very night and stayed up till one in the morning painting. I just now finished it. Well almost finished. There are some final touches I need to go over but so far I'm very happy with it. But anyways... I bought a mirror there with a picture of a topless girl from the 1920s falling on roller skates.

Beforehand I went to a car show with Honey and Brandon. It was cool but hott haha. Heidi got sun poisoning unfortunatly poor baby. She enjoyed the drag races though.

But umm the picture is for Caitlin to put up in her dorm. I can't believe she is going out with Andrew. In this situation they are both lucky people b/c, well, they are both great and I love them I'm very happy for them.

Oh, uhh... I got stood up last night by a girl. Talk about ouch. Made me sick with anger and embarassment. Rotten people have literally been making me nauseous. I feel like I'm getting stomach ulcers from it. I witnessed a very rotten man today at work who first rented one of our rug doctors then came back a little while later telling it was broke and demanded not only his money back but a free machine. He just kept yelling and going on. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying anything to him... Seriously though, kindness would have gotten him just as far as anger it was totally uneccessary for him to carry on like that...


May 29th, 2007

Drag @ 09:42 am

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: David Bowie and Queen- Under Pressure

Kissed a drag queen friday night in Nashville. Took tons of lovely viddys and pics. The whole night was a blast and I have somehow become ensnared *sp* with a group obsessed with Wicked. I don't see what the big fuss is I watched a clip of it and it was highly unimpressive. So far I love this new group of friends though. I would say about three quarters of them are gay which is absolutley fabulous! They're like the life size dolls I never had..

Oh and I cut my hair, its very short. Think of that one beauty queen chick from America's Next Top Model who freaked about her hair and left. Ya thats what my hair looks like...


May 13th, 2007

We Are Family @ 09:52 am

Current Mood: excited
Current Music: Dandy Warhols- I Am Sound

Hooray my whole family is here. Nick, Yessina, Antoine, natalie, and Arianna. So now there are ten of us in all living in one house. I'm happy but I don't really now to be around them yet so I'm kinda being kind of antisocial...


May 12th, 2007

Graduating @ 01:21 pm

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: The String Quartet-(Nirvana Tribute) Smells Like Teen Spirit

I went to Nicks graduation last night which was cool. I'm glad I got the chance to see him graduate and the food was a pretty good bonus as well. Its a little strange that I've been spending so much time with Nathan lately. I'm seriously not going down that road it would be a complete social faux pas. So anyways ya...

Ooh I bought the most awesome hippie dress and renaissance dress for only 8 bucks at a garage sale. I feel so lucky. I'm going to take pictures in them later.


May 6th, 2007

Grad party @ 08:29 am

Current Mood: sleepy
Current Music: ICP- In My Room

Met a guy at Leahs grad party who sounds like Blues Travelers only better. It was amazing I couldn't believe it.

I stayed up all night and lost track of time so I had to spend two hours trying to get sober before I had to go home.

Tommy showed up outta nowhere which kinda pissed me off for a reason I can't explain.

All in all it was a great night though.


May 4th, 2007

Unfinished @ 08:32 am

Current Mood: content
Current Music: Barenaked Ladie- War on Drugs

If you face the alter
Then I'll face the gallows
If you should falter
I'll be by your side
I want to wake up
With the road behind me
Grab all your things
We're going for a ride
Take off your sandals
The sand is so warm here
Lay down beside me
Close your eyes its alright

I'm not done yet but I had to write it down before I could forget.

To Live...

Will be an awfully big adventure.