To Live...

Will be an awfully big adventure.

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I hung out with Matt for the first time the other night. He played his new songs for me which are hard to describe b/c theres so much you could say about them b/c they inflict so many emotions. He's able to paint an image with words and alter the mood of the song with every key change. I can picture him pounding away on a dusty cobwebbed piano in a dark building with only a few flecks of light peeking through recounting of days warm in a sun soaked bed with a girl who embodied his reason for breathing.

Well after that we talked for awhile about high school days, Mrs. Jones, and what everyone is doing now.

Anyways, on to other things...

I'm overstocked right now on art supplies but it still never seems like enough. The fallen cedar tree in our yard turned out to be great for me b/c now I'm getting into whittling. Btw whittling is hard stuff. I'm getting a wood burner once the first of the month rolls around.
I've been doing a lot of Sailor Jerry inspired drawings of pinups and whatnot. Crocheted a few bags, currently making a mirror, etc... Just jumping from one thing to the next.

Going to the Bottletree tomorrow with Nate, Reggie, and Wes to see Man Man. I'm so excited but my GPS pooped out on me so I'm a little freaked out about that. Hopefully I can return it and get a new one before we leave. Doesn't matter either way I'm making one of the guys drive once we get to the city otherwise I'll have an anxiety attack.


Thats all I guess.


To Live...

Will be an awfully big adventure.