To Live...

Will be an awfully big adventure.

June 25th, 2012

(no subject) @ 10:32 pm

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I can't post this anywhere else bc it's too embarrassing but I have become obsessed with the Hunger Games series. It's like on the same level as my Bioshock obsession. It's weird because initially I had downloaded a sample on my kindle app to see what all the fuss is about. My first impression was the writing style was juvenile and the story a rip off of other dystopian literature as well as the one comparison everyone is talking about "Battle Royale". Then I saw my mom owned the book and I decided to keep reading all the while becoming more absorbed in the story. Now I've downloaded a sample of "Catching Fire" and even went so far as to see if I could see if the book would download off of Amazon before my payment would process (considering I didn't actually have any money) ftr the answer no it doesn't work that way. My initial impression still stands but the story was still very enthralling and I look forward to the movie as well as finishing the series. There I got it out. Don't worry I still don't plan on reading Twilight.

September 21st, 2010

Just give me some candy before I go @ 03:23 pm

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Current Music: Paolo nutini- candy

Adam is wanting me to paint a mural on the jag he just bought as a late birthday present to him. I'm thinking pinup with either a military or rockabilly theme. It should be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Heidi wants a Halloween themed birthday cake and today I bought a bag of candy mix and little plastic pumpkin buckets to arrange around the cake. Then I plan on making fondant skeletons to sit all around the edge of the first layer. The cake itself will be purple with black and orange roses and the words "happy birthday pumpkin" on it. She should be happy with that.

Still haven't decided what decorating theme to go with for Halloween. Poe chic, monster pinup, or Martha Stewart. I'm
leaning towards the pinup but the Martha Stewart style is so classy and makes everything feel more homey. E

Oh btw falls in Alaska suck compared to Alabama. There's no gorgeous inbetween time where the leaves change color. Everything just dies all of a sudden and it gets colder. The only reason I'm looking forward to snow is bc I want Heidi to see it but personally I'm not a big fan.

August 21st, 2010

Tumbling Down @ 02:59 am

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Current Music: Paolo Nutini- Tumbling Down

I see the sunlight
I see the rain
I feel the river flow like it's running through my veins
there is a fire it's burning
and I feel it's pain
there's a storm alive in the sky tonight
and we won't ever be the same
there's nowhere left to hide
your pretty face
it's making a move for every place

Tonight we'll leave
I guess that's how it's gotta be
and the world, the world comes tumbling down

August 20th, 2010

Dystopian Dream World @ 10:08 am

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Current Music: Imogen Heap- Clear the Area

Now I'm up to 14 books completed.

So far the list includes:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Pocket Book of Death
Tipping the Velvet
Tales of Ordinary Madness
Field Guide to Monsters
Mile High Club
How the Hula Girl Sings
Diary of a Sex Fiend: Girl With a One Track Mind
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy
Lord of the Flies
Logan's Run
1984: A Novel
Tears of a Warrior
The Outsiders

Some endings I've felt bitter sweet about as though I could go on reading them forever following the characters through their entire lives. Others I was kinda glad they were finally over.

Well I'm continuing on my stretch of dystopian novels. Next up is Brave New World. I hope it'll be better than 1984. Fingers crossed.


August 4th, 2010

Healthy mama @ 12:33 am

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Current Music: Eric Clapton- you're my angel

I've been on a real health food kick lately. I've gone through 11/2 bundles of celery in two days, I'm buying yogurt, eating pineapple as a snack, oatmeal or eggs for breakfast. Plus I have homemade energy bars in the oven. I think my one weakness is coffee but instead of using half & half I've been putting milk in it. I honestly don't know what's come over me. Maybe it's my body telling me I need these foods to stay healthy. That's where pregnancy cravings come from. It's your body signaling you. Oh did I mention Adam and I will be saying hello to a beautiful little girl whom we've decided to name Scarlett Rose Harris on December 4? Ya that's right it's gonna be a house full of estrogen which will probably overwhelm Adam but we're both thrilled and can't wait to see her.


June 24th, 2010

(no subject) @ 12:24 pm

Current Mood: accomplished

Nine books completed so far this year plus I finished Bioshock and started playing Bioshock 2. Is it possible to feel productive and like a fat lazy dumb house cat at the same time? My brain has surely turned to mush bc for some reason I lost a plate of already baked cookies and found them back in the oven, then this morning I found a plate of yesterday's leftover hotdogs sitting in the dish cupboard.

I really must do something about this before I lose it completely.

I havnt painted anything yet but I did go outside and start drawing the ocean in chalk on my driveway. I'm making progress.

June 15th, 2010

Herbs, bears, and snow @ 06:53 am

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Current Music: Imogen heap- just for now

What kind of store carries 20 different types of basil in their garden department but no taragon or cilantro? I'm so dissappointed..

Anyways, Alaska is nice except for the constant daylight and the fact that it's still cold in June.

Going to the Bear Paw festival this weekend where Flyleaf will be holding a free concert. I've never been a Flyleaf fan but hey it's free and I get to hang out with some local artists.

Next month my mom is visiting and taking all of us on a cruise.

Then August is Adam and I's anniversary and he's treating me to a day at the salon where I'll be able to get my hair dyed, highlighted, and permed.

He's gotten so much better at gift giving once I started picking out my own presents. Christmas I either get a gym membership or a treadmill. Since it will be constant darkness+ black ice+ five feet of snow during that time I'm leaning towards the treadmill.

Well that's my update.


May 3rd, 2010

(no subject) @ 10:54 am

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: Young hearts run free

Gonna try to finish at least 25 books this year if my husband gives me enough time to myself to achieve my goal. Coffee, music, book, the usual suspects involved in what I consider a perfect day.

In other news Nurse Jackie got me into twittering how lame. What's even lamer is that I'm not cool enough to be followed. Que sera sera.

Adam and Heidi are over at our friend Nathan and jillian's house. Adam is getting help rigging his bag for his upcoming jump while Heidi plays with Sophie their 3 year old daughter.

I know every parent says their kid is special but I have confirmation from just about every adult that comes in contact with Heidi how awesome she is. Always well mannered, sweet, polite. I think her only problem is the occassional head butting. Overall she's a pretty cool kid.


March 24th, 2010

(no subject) @ 07:55 pm

Current Mood: cheerful

In Alaska. Life is Good. That is all.


February 11th, 2010

What a day @ 10:08 pm

Today I spend 11 1/2 hours decoupaging upwards of 200 black and white 1940s pinups to my bedside table. The table itself is pink and I still have to add the trim, a french design on the doors and shelves, and buy new handles for it. Lot of work but hopefully since Heidi has school tomorrow I'll be able to finish it.

Also the final two of the 7 movies I ordered on the 31 and 1 arrived today.

American Psycho and Young Frankenstein. I've never seen American Psycho but I've heard plenty of people rave about it to consider it a worthwhile buy. The only thing is, the dvd played in the living room crapped out so I'd either have to watch it in the guest room or my mom's room b/c I don't have a dvd player. Nope I'm old fashioned. I've had the same vhs since I was probably 8-10 years old. That's pretty good considering my family has gone through 5 dvd players in one room alone since dvds came out.

I should be getting my tickets for Alaska ordered tomorrow. I can't wait to finally be with Adam again. He wanted to take me back to the Japanese eatery we went to when he proposed as a late Valentine date but I told him I'd rather just eat somewhere less expensive, then spend some time at B&N, grab our coffee and head home for a movie on the couch. I mean that place was nice but totally not worth what we paid for it and I'm not really into Japanese grills. All those fancy moves with the spatula don't make up for the bland food.

Ooh I'm finally getting my husband back! I'm so excited!



February 9th, 2010

(no subject) @ 03:47 pm

Current Mood: pleased
Current Music: Cake- Going the Distance

So last weekend I spent some time in Tuscaloosa touring the Alabama University campus and hanging out with an old friend. He made for an excellent tour guide and we eventually ended up at the Mellow Mushroom where we ordered the Philosophers Pie. Then we watched a pretty good band called The Motions. I had a great time and I'm proud that I was able to make it to Tuscaloosa by myself. That was the longest I've ever driven on my own.

Other news.

Painted my desk a pretty emerald green with white trim and white leaf silhouettes.

Also started painting my art drawers gold with a Gustav Klimt design. Plus I'm replacing the old knobs with some black spiral ones that are costing me a pretty penny. I spent five dollars on the drawers and the knobs are 2.97 each. I have 20 knobs to replace. :(

Bought more movies from Amazon and two new books.

Diary of a Sex Fiend: Girl With a One Track Mind


1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die

Adam arrives home this month and I can't wait to move to Alaska.

Life has been pretty good lately.


January 10th, 2010

Movies Movies Movies @ 08:20 pm

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Animal Collective- Bees is my crack.. In the past week I've bought 8 movies from them.

A Dirty Shame
Behind the Mask: Th Rise of Leslie Vernon
Natural Born Killers
Zombie Strippers
How to Be a Serial Killer
The 10th Kingdom
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The House of Yes

Plus I have a list as long as my leg of other movies I plan on buying. I'm going to end up a broke hobo with a million dvds...


October 20th, 2009

(no subject) @ 05:10 pm

Current Mood: excited
Current Music: Cat Power- Wild is the Wind

I'm really excited that I'm getting my name out there as an artist lately. I have three clients right now that I'm doing work for. It's great that I'm getting the word out on the net as well b/c once I move to Alaska I'm going to have to start all over.

I'm doing some major planning for Dia De Los Muertos coming up. Three course meal followed by a bonfire set up with cedar wood and then a trip to the cemetery to pay tribute to the dead. I've gotta start practicing my sugar skulls b/c last time I made them they were ugly as sin.

I've been having little movie marathons lately. Yesterday I watched Funny Games and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Today I watched Charlie Bartlett and I just started Meet the Browns. I love Tyler Perry movies even though he just reinforces black stereotypes.


October 10th, 2009

All By Myself @ 08:16 pm

Current Mood: content
Current Music: Annie- Me Plus One

I had the house to myself today and I spent the better part of it in my underwear with a strawberry daiquiri being my main source of nourishment. Cleaned my room and listened to a kick ass web radio station that showcased musicians such as Guillemots, Johnny Flynn, Glasvegas, Noah and the Whale, etc. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I really needed time to myself to just relax and thats exactly what I did.

August 22nd, 2009

Good News Good News @ 07:43 pm

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Current Music: REM- I Am Superman

Okay first things first. I'm a married woman now hooray! Adam is the most wonderful guy. Kind, loving, honorable, brave, smart. He's the perfect soldier and the perfect husband and he loves sushi just as much as I do (we had it at least four times in two weeks). Anytime I ask him to do something he does it without question. Of course we work together as a team though. I make him dinner, get his drinks, scratch his back, etc. In return he gets me anything I want. I had to send him back to Afghanistan earlier this week but when he got there he found out that the replacements for his unit will start coming in during November. We didn't expect him to return till February.

Anyways, while I was in Texas I got to meet his grandparents who were amazing! His grandmother is teaching me how to cook all this wonderful authentic mexican food and she tells the best stories. Plus she's a famous western artist and I'm hoping to learn some tricks of the trade from her. His grandfather doesn't speak much b/c he's had two strokes but as a present he gave me a real pearl necklace with matching earrings that they bought from Thai pearl divers. They are gorgeous! I have been wanting pearl earrings for the longest time and to get a necklace on top of that is too good to be true. Adam also had the middle diamond on my engagement ring made bigger to flow with the wedding ring which I was kind upset about b/c I loved it the way it was and at some point I hope to get it reduced to its original size b/c it gets in my way now.

His mother took me to get my nails done before the wedding. I got solar French nails which were beautiful but a real pain in the butt b/c I couldn't do anything with them. The pedicure was one of the most uncomfortable experience of my life. Not only did I not like the massage b/c my feet are extremely ticklish but I also had a blister on my toe that the woman kept rubbing. Ouch!

The last two weeks have been great. We went to the Bridgestreet Mall several times and bought some home items from Anthropologie and I bought two new dresses at another store plus my first bottle of wine to start my wine collection. Rented a paddle boat which was just confusing b/c we didn't have a lot of room to move around and it was electric and hard to navigate. We stayed in one of the chalets at the Guntersville lodge the first week. Two bedroom, one bath, kitchen and living room with a deck that looked out over the lake. We saw all kinds of animals out there. We fed a raccoon breadsticks and it came up to about 2 feet away from us. Watching a woodchuck and passed by three deer.

Cloud 9 all except for the inlaw drama but I'm not going to get into that.

Off topic news. I've been getting a lot of work in lately. I'm designing a robin tattoo for a woman I met at a yardsale and I'm painting a Buddha picture for Johnathan's room. Only thing is though, I'm not really in a drawing/painting kind of mood lately. I've been getting back into sewing and crocehting mainly b/c I'm making seat cushions for our chairs b/c the cushions I want cost like $98 dollars at Anthropologie and I've decided to take what I want from there and either make it myself or find it cheaper somewhere else.

Okay okay this post has gone on long enough so I'll end it here. I can't help it I havn't posted in awhile and a lot has been going on. I really should be doing my thank you letters and and writing Adam.


June 11th, 2009

Diets and Vampires @ 10:25 am

Current Mood: chipper
Current Music: White Lies- Lose My Life

My new diet is going really well. Especially now that I've gone grocery shopping. I'm on a raw unprocessed foods diet. So what I got at the grocery store consists of dried cranberries, almonds, cherry tomatos, and a cucumber. I was going to buy some wheat bread but I didn't want to spend over 5 dollars since I'm really living on a dime. This is really a lot harder than just plain vegetarianism. At least they get to have cookies. I can't even have frozen veggies or toasted sunflower seeds. I'm happy to be purifying my body. I'm sure once I get past the withdrawls from unhealthy food I'll feel much better. I'm even drinking more water now. I had over 60oz yesterday which is equivilant to 3 water bottles.

In other news I just got finished watching the first season of True Blood. I watched the whole thing in two days and now I can't wait for the second season to start. The only thing that I worry about though is I think that they make things a little too complicated. I understand they want to make things interesting but I think they move the story too fast and way too many of the main characters are being killed off. Honestly who expected the grandmother to die? Then two waitresses, Renee, and Lafayette? Come on now, what are you going to do with the show when all the characters are dead? Plus do you really expect us to believe that Bill would ever die? again? As if..


May 25th, 2009

Art Show @ 07:21 pm

Current Mood: amused
Current Music: Amanda Palmer- I Don't Care Much

The Art Show wasn't very successful for anyone. Hey its Boaz... I did sell a purse and a drawing so it wasn't completely bad. Plus Pattie asked if she could keep a drawing in the store so I let her. As for the rest of the stuff I brought; well I've given most of it away. I just want people to enjoy it. I can always make more.

I did meet some new friends. Fellow artists. Overall I had a good time. Just wish I hadn't spent all day there. I was so tired after I got home that I went to bed at 7.


May 7th, 2009

Work It Out @ 06:12 am

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: The Aquabats- Ska Boss

Went running today and did some situps and flutter kicks. Then I had two soft boiled eggs. I'm feeling pretty good and I'm hoping I'll be able to run at least every other day. I want to make sure I'm fit for duty next APFT.

Right now I'm 120 but I'd like to get down to 110, 113 at the most. What I really want is to tighten up my thighs and glutes haha.


April 28th, 2009

Man Man! @ 02:40 pm

Current Mood: chipper
Current Music: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy- Coco Bongo

The show was awesome last night!

We left pretty early so we had plenty of time to walk around Birmingham and just chill. Checked out a cool but overly priced health store. Drank a few beers and played pool then met up with Wes's friend Dirt who reminds me of Dickie except with teeth. His apartment was tiny but amazing none the less. You could take pictures of it and call it art.

Reg and Nathan rode up with us but since they didn't buy their tickets in advance. That was a bummer but there was nothing we could do about it. The opening act was a bad comedian but Man Man totally made up for it. It was so hot and crowded though that we didn't stick around for Cursive.

Instead we went to eat, hung out for awhile and went home. It was a great day.

Now I can't wait to go to High Falls with Reg on his motorcycle, and then Busch Gardens with Wes.

I don't know whats up with Nathan, he just kinda faded to the back. I hardly noticed him all night.

April 26th, 2009

Poor Matty/Art/Bottletree @ 08:34 am

Current Mood: content
Current Music: Man Man- Banana Ghost

I hung out with Matt for the first time the other night. He played his new songs for me which are hard to describe b/c theres so much you could say about them b/c they inflict so many emotions. He's able to paint an image with words and alter the mood of the song with every key change. I can picture him pounding away on a dusty cobwebbed piano in a dark building with only a few flecks of light peeking through recounting of days warm in a sun soaked bed with a girl who embodied his reason for breathing.

Well after that we talked for awhile about high school days, Mrs. Jones, and what everyone is doing now.

Anyways, on to other things...

I'm overstocked right now on art supplies but it still never seems like enough. The fallen cedar tree in our yard turned out to be great for me b/c now I'm getting into whittling. Btw whittling is hard stuff. I'm getting a wood burner once the first of the month rolls around.
I've been doing a lot of Sailor Jerry inspired drawings of pinups and whatnot. Crocheted a few bags, currently making a mirror, etc... Just jumping from one thing to the next.

Going to the Bottletree tomorrow with Nate, Reggie, and Wes to see Man Man. I'm so excited but my GPS pooped out on me so I'm a little freaked out about that. Hopefully I can return it and get a new one before we leave. Doesn't matter either way I'm making one of the guys drive once we get to the city otherwise I'll have an anxiety attack.


Thats all I guess.


To Live...

Will be an awfully big adventure.